THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING is a delight for the eyes and soul, both incredibly engaging from character and visual standpoints. It is one of those rare films where the cinematography not only supports and complements the story but actually lifts it to a whole other level to make it truly memorable and almost surreal. Quite appropriate for a film about love and black holes. Cinematographer Benoit Delhomme painted a gorgeous canvas of a time and people using rich colors and superb lighting which seemed to dance along to the tune of the story. As with the growth of the characters, the visual palette kept adapting and evolving in a beautifully organic and sometime magic way. 

I can easily say it is some of the best cinematography work I've seen in a while. The craft, thought and creativity put into every scene, always with the thought of the greater picture, is impressive and inspiring. It is not only beautiful from an esthetic standpoint, but more importantly it brings all the fascinating aspects of the story and characters into focus (no pun intended). Actually the most fascinating image of the film (the opening shot) is completely out of focus. 

When I think of my career and what I want from it, I think of being involved in a film that not only matters and inspires people, but also a piece of art that I've crafted with every bit of my creative soul. I always tell people "I'd die happy if I'd shot a film like AMELIE or THE KING'S SPEECH". THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING fits in that category. 

Now it's important to keep in mind that a cinematographer, however skilled he/she is, cannot create great work without collaborating with a like minded director. So I want to credit director James Marsh for his vision and terrific sense of storytelling on this film.