There are fewer movies being shot on film nowadays. Christopher Nolan has vouched to prove that celluloid is still a viable way to capture moving images. Unlike any director before him, he has consistently made use of the Imax large format since making THE DARK KNIGHT in 2008. He pushes the boundaries every time and INTERSTELLAR is the latest result of Nolan's relentless passion for telling stories in a visually stunning way. 

I urge any movie lover to see this impressive filmmaking achievement on film in Imax 70mm, the real Imax. In Los Angeles for example, there is only one true Imax screen at the Universal City Walk. That's how the film was meant to be seen and heard. The experience is worth making the effort to see it in the right place. Sadly most people don't have a true Imax theater nearby. The following link will help you find the next best way to see this film: