It's hard to define a year like 2014, one which started in Singapore, concluded in Rio De Janeiro, and along the way took me to 28 U.S. states and 12 countries on 5 different continents. In the process I spent an obscene amount of time on planes and in airports (50 flights total) and ended up tallying more jobs abroad than in L.A. Most notable were 2 commercials in Mexico, a music video in Brazil and a documentary in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Very different experiences - all extremely rewarding and fulfilling in their own respects. In may I shot out of a United Nations helicopter over the Congolese jungle, while later in the year I was in one hovering above Rio at magic hour. Makes for unforgettable memories. But if there was only one image to retain from this year, it would the smiling faces of kids in Goma, DR Congo.  

The only downside was the lack of narrative work. Besides one film, it was the slowest year to date in terms of moviemaking. That's why I got into the industry in the first place so it was a little frustrating. But don't get me wrong, I feel extremely privileged to have had such amazing opportunities abroad and working domestically on jobs for companies such as Visa, Kia, Samsung, Hewlett Packard and Easton. 

In this business every year is impossible to anticipate and it is this very unpredictable nature which I adore in my life as a filmmaker - even if sometimes a little stability would be welcome