Somewhere in Indonesia

Somewhere in Indonesia

In a few words...

I'm a cinematographer, filmmaker and photographer based in Los Angeles but I work all over the world. Work and travel are my biggest passions while listening to music gives rhythm to it all.  

My credits include films, documentaries, commercials and music videos for the most part. I've also done high-end corporate work for companies such as Visa, Kia, Intel and Hewlett Packard to name a few. 

As a photographer I've tackled commercial jobs for jewelry lines, architectural design firms, nature and food magazines, as well as my own personal projects. 

I've traveled to 42 countries, worked on 5 continents, can get around in a few languages, but most importantly I love what I do. 

I crave interesting, creative and emotionally impactful projects. 


In more words...

I was born in Switzerland of a Swiss mother and American father. Except for a few years living in Connecticut and New Mexico, I grew up primarily in the peaceful land of cheese and Toblerone. Quite a lovely upbringing. I was also exposed to many different cultures and fortunate to travel around Europe and Northern Africa at a young age - all of which had a notable impact on me.

There are no stories of me making movies as a kid or taking tons of pictures, but I do remember always observing people. At the time, being an introverted and self-conscious coming-of-age human being, it was all I knew to do to learn how to be (not always yielding the best results...). Thankfully I eventually figured out how to listen to my gut, believe in myself and shape my own persona. It's still very much a work in progress though, and no end in sight. 

I always loved watching films, especially the ones of Chaplin and Hitchcock, which typically aired saturday afternoons on Swiss television. I also enjoyed reading, which is where I felt the power of storytelling the most. It was incredible discovering my imagination and how the brain creates images and feelings based on ideas and words. Opening a book was magical; it allowed me to drift into a completely foreign world populated with fascinating characters.

Jumping forward a few years and I was on my way to California with dreams of making films. It was a whole new world to adjust to and after a lengthy time in college, I finally started my career and did just about every odd job in the process. Ten years later I find myself with quite a bit of experience under my belt and just as much passion for telling stories.

Aside from work I regularly take time off to travel and discover the world. It's a phenomenal source of inspiration and a wonderful way to connect with people.   



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